2019 Christmas Meal Fundraiser

This year we are having a fundraiser for Christmas meals at Food For Children. Christmas time is a difficult time for many families, and If you would like to donate one or more Christmas meals, please use the form below or send a check to the address below. Thank you and God bless.

In years past we have raised enough money to buy 500 four pound roasts, as we get closer to Christmas we will decide what type of protein we can afford through our fundraising efforts.

Please select from the drop down below
If you do not wish to use PayPal you can mail a check with “Christmas Meal” in the memo to:
Food For Children, Inc.
PO Box 4786
Manchester NH 03108

Please share this page with others, to help make our 2019 campaign a success.

Food For Children, Inc. is a non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.